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Insights into the NSW Birth, Death and Marriage Index


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When we started researching our family history, the NSW Birth, Death and Marriage Index was not available for public access.

Our research in those years involved writing to the Registry in hope they were able to provide a certificate.

The index was first released as microfische, then CDs which required a trip to a society or library.  Now the index is available on the Internet, allowing searches anywhere and anytime.

Although there are benefits in each of these indexes there are also challenges which will be explained in this book.

In this book we intend to offer insights to more fully utilize the BDM index.


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents:

-Some Ground Rules
-Restricted Access
-Accessing the Index
-Index Format. Microfische CD Index Internet
-BDM Index Advantages and Disadvantages
-Details provided on Registrations
-Difference between Certificates and Transcriptions
-Advantages of Full and Partial Transcriptions
-Wildcard Search
-Parents Names not always listed
-Less is more
-Index Search for Children of Edward and Lazetta Glover
-Index Search for Children of Patric and Georgie Dixk
-Elizabeth Spell it
-Duplicate Entries in Index
-Known names and Registered Names
-Marine Births and Deaths
-Problem only using Index to Support Research
-Registration not found in BDM Index
-Event Not Registered
-Names not listed as Known
-Registration Districts
-Wrong District Listed
-Church Registers
-Codes used in CD Index
-Australian Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages

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